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  Area check in
Posted by: Friend808 - 01-12-2021, 12:54 PM - Forum: 15301 - No Replies

Looking to grow the area. Is anyone on here?

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Posted by: Friend808 - 01-12-2021, 12:51 PM - Forum: 15311 - No Replies

Anyone in my area? Trying to build up the surrounding area

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  Ride To DC
Posted by: luddite - 12-30-2020, 02:45 PM - Forum: 28105 - No Replies

I've got reserved parking at Reagan airport and can take 3 more - contact r2dc@devriesgroup.com.

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  Ride To DC
Posted by: luddite - 12-30-2020, 02:41 PM - Forum: 35004 - No Replies

I have room for 4 - reply for details

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  Ride to DC
Posted by: admin - 12-30-2020, 03:45 AM - Forum: Ride to DC - No Replies

Trump has asked all patriots who are physically able to be in DC on the 6th.

As of 12-29-2020 parking spots at Reagan National airport (about 2-3 miles due south of the capitol building) can still be reserved. 2 full days (6th and 7th) for $34.00. Please only post the minimal amount of information to offer or join a group of travelers. This site is NOT to be used for any comments or suggestions in the posts. Do as much of any required communications directly with those interested off this site. There might be a few helpful comments for a reality check in the 'Some things To Consider' topic above. Unfortunately, some buses my arrive too late for riders to make it to the 1:00pm start of the elector count process. Try to be near the area by 8am to adapt to conditions. Make plans to be near the capitol building by 11:30 am

A few other links that some may find helpful (not comprehensive at all) just a few that I have come across. Remember, this site is only intended as a touchstone not a portal or destination. Organize yourself !!!




from Https:// stopthestealbr.com :


These are the guys who have been organizing the rallies ever since the election https://wildprotest.com/

What to expect in DC and a very simple overview of the area https://streamable.com/gvpl26

Lodging Zones: https://thedonald.win/p/11R4zSDUZA/hotel...g-in-dc/c/

National coordination and chat from TheDonald.Win: https://thedonald.win/p/11RNk1W1Zc/

Louisiana Stop the Steal website (came from BR capital rallies): https://stopthestealbr.com/

Invite to Louisiana Stop the Steal chat and planning (came from BR capital rallies): https://join.slack.com/t/liberty-zxa3495...Y79~nIr2VQ

My email address: LibertyLa@protonmail.com





Thanks and good luck to you all !!!

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  Swaim Drive
Posted by: luddite - 12-22-2020, 03:01 PM - Forum: 28105 - No Replies

2 Dodge Caravans pointing towards the road

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  Some Things To Consider
Posted by: admin - 12-22-2020, 11:46 AM - Forum: Some Things To Consider - No Replies

Note: I just got back from DC and will be updating and editing the information below as I have time. Most of you seeing this were handed a card on the 6th, so thank you for investing your time here.

Fair elections, free from foreign and outside interference, are pivotal to the survival of our republic, which exists based on the consent of the governed. If our elections cannot be trusted, the republic will no longer enjoy the consent of the governed.

Are we in a constitutional crisis ? Have you decided what changes in governance would cause you to no longer give your consent to be governed ? Whatever your current mindset on that question, our current elected representative government has allowed our current state of affairs to cause this question to be contemplated more seriously by a majority of the American people than ever before in our lifetimes. There are but a relative handful of our representatives that will even publicly express an opinion on the matter. With fractured unity and lack of leadership and purpose, the congress may elect an illegitimate president and establish a precedent that will end the free and fair elections on which our current form of government relies on to maintain the faith and consent of the governed. The purpose of this site is to enable you the opportunity to contact and potentially form your own grass roots network of like-minded citizens to organize in shared purpose and action. While our existing structure of basic two party rule has been accepted, it is being shown to be at the point of failure. Below are a few options for you to consider as topics for discussion. These are only intended as a starting point. Your own thoughts and ideas are yours to offer or promote. Please read on and act quickly.

Why did you name the site Zip Code Militia ? I'll get to that below. I assume that most of you are likely here because you've been told that there is some organization here to help you to 'do something'.

Is this the place for you ? Well yes, no ,and maybe. On November the 4th of this year I also assume that most Americans were thinking 'OK, that just happened, now what ?'. Somebody ought to 'do something'. Let me call my state and federal representatives, surely they will protect the integrity of the election... (senator Foghorn) Now listen here boy, I say, I say I been workin' hardah than evah since Juwwwlie to git you anothuh 1200, no 800, no ah say $600 dollahs ... (hmm, at least they have their priorities straight, right ?).

I ask, can't any of my elected representatives 'do something' ? Well yes, no ,and maybe. As I write this on December the 22nd, that's where things stand. If you or I were investing money, any advice on how to choose who, what, where, and when, would caution us to consider that past performance does not predict future performance. In politics exactly the opposite is true (not my quote). So I ask you consider the sage old advice that it is best to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

OK, so now what ? Well basically plan for the worst, hope for the best and, to paraphrase JFK, ask what you can do for yourself and others.

OK then, so you are saying that there is no hope and that you can't offer any help ? No, of course not. To keep it short and simple I can basically offer one relatively simple suggestion to help you in both the short and long term. There are many people other than myself , perhaps you included, who can more effectively distill history and current events into a useful enough form for anyone to use to decide for themselves what to believe and what constitutes an appropriate course of action to pursue. In the short time I have had to try to pull together this site and try to make what you are reading now succinct and useful, I offer this commentary, a letter, some topics and un-comprehensive points to consider, and a couple of links below. Even if the Republican controlled senate does elect Trump on January 6th, the work to get the cancer of self-interested establishment power into remission needs to be undertaken, control established, and then maintained. As it is now, the majority of republican senators and house representatives, seven of the 9 SCOTUS justices, most of the senior management of key departments and agencies, and even a significant number of the military and presidential advisory staff are clearly demonstrating their contempt for and against the will of the American people through their inaction or active attempts to sabotage or end the presidency of Donald Trump.

OK, here's the idea. Contact your neighbors on your street and invite them to gather at some location to discuss practical preparations and contingency planning for the immediate and not so distant future. Ideally each small group will establish communications links to at least one and preferably more directly identifiable members of adjacent groups. Should smaller groups or a sub-group decide to act in concert for any purpose there will be some mechanism to vouch for the trustworthiness of any adjacent groups by known members of the disparate groups when acting in assembled groups of disparate members (say that fast three times).

What, that's your big idea, weren't you implying something about a militia? Well yes, no, and maybe.

But I'm ready to strap on my tactical gear and deploy to the capitol, aren't you ? Well yes, no, and maybe. First of all, seriously, good for you. Obviously as long as you are not part of some anarchist/Marxist/socialist/racist group, your community as well as your nation could well benefit from your training and expertise. Keep reading I'll get to the part about the word militia and eventually point out some thing to consider after the 6th regardless of who is elected president. Clearly America would not not be in this constitutional crisis if the majority of congress was demonstrating their worthiness to represent those who elected them. On November the 4th every single GOP and RNC representative and official on every national, state and local level should have been in lock-step solidarity to investigate and correct the election fraud that occurred, right ? Why ? It's not new, it's been with us since the dawn of civilization, establishment power's default setting is exactly like our own human instinct for self preservation, yep, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts and absolutely. So if you haven't already, you really do need to make the phone calls, send the email/text, and write the letters to everyone you can think of. In your experience when using those types of efforts to resolve a problem affecting you don't work, what do you do ? Yep, you get off your fat or skinny ass and deal with someone face to face if you can.

We're running out of time aren't we ? Well yes, no, and maybe. Time for another old adage: fail to plan, plan to fail. For the most part mere mortals such as myself can only make an educated guess as to what might happen and when. What is known for sure is that on Wednesday January 6th the house and senate meet to certify the election. There are now alternate slates of electors for Trump from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. While you may have heard that there is a long shot possibility that a majority of the senate may vote to uphold challenges to electors of the contested states, it appears that this somewhat convoluted process of challenges and procedures can be accomplished by the Republicans if enough pressure is brought to bear. You have to ask yourself if you believe there are enough senate Republicans that won't cave or fear their electorate enough to see it through. It is pretty much the senate where the real election is to be decided.

Marshal law and new elections in contested states ? Trump says no, but I suppose he could change his mind.

After January 20th there might be a super long shot to at least save the integrity of future elections if enough pressure could be brought to bear on a few states: call a Constitutional convention. 34 states required to call, 38 states to amend (35 and 39 with DC and PR ?). While I think there are a top 100 amendments needing to be considered (pretty much every controversial SCOTUS decision since the 1960s), at a minimum, pass the requirement for photo id for registration and voting, require strict enforcement to maintain clean voter roles, paper ballots only, hand counted with meaningful inspection preferably digitally documented for posterity with a strict protected chain of custody to secure any future election integrity, ban mass amnesty and birthright citizenship. Yes, of course there should be more, remember I just wrote minimum, and Republicans should close their primaries, etc. and yes, it might be too late.

OK, back to the short term. So we all need to go to Washington DC on January the 6th ? Yes, that's the only option I'm aware of that you and I can use to directly influence the outcome of the election left. Prior to this date you can also certainly consider pushing to get enough people to immediately launch the mail campaign type actions described below that demonstrate organization, will, and most importantly numbers. I'm sure there are many groups that have already put plans in motion to gather in the capitol on Wednesday the 6th, but it would be up to you to find out if you want to participate with them. The most prevalent one I am aware of is 'Stop The Steal' (http://www.stopthesteal.us). Apparently they have been around since before the election and have done a pretty good job of planning and holding events across the nation, most notably on December 19th, which is when I first noticed them getting some media penetration. Enter you street address here and if already exists post a minimal reply to generate numbers.

I don't know about you but I got multiple mailings and phone calls from the RNC and individual candidates before the election, but nothing since. The RNC and Trump campaigns know who I am and how to reach me. I can understand that Trump is a little busy right now, but if you needed any further proof that the Republican establishment is actively working against Trump's re-election, listen to the silence, it is deafening.

So, just sign up with one of these existing groups to go there ? Sure ,if you want to. Apparently at 'Stop The Steal' you can reserve tickets, but my guess is that they either have planned or plan to organize a permitted function in an area away from the United States capitol building. While something like that might be fairly safe and well attended, I would guess the biggest benefit for giving the site your email and requesting tickets would be to generate numbers that can be shown to our recalcitrant representatives to help pressure them to submit to the will of the people. It doesn't look like they are providing any details at all on their website, just lists of past events, so other than possibly providing a solution for getting in and out of DC. I have no idea what else to tell you about them, but I don't think that gathering for a rally away from the capitol grounds on the 6th is where people need to be, but do note that they will probably have port-a-potties available there. Prepare to come up with your own solution.

As a frame of reference I would, off the top of my head, estimate that the capitol grounds outside the capitol building could hold about 500,000 people standing about 3.5 feet from one another if that were ever allowed to happen (fingers crossed I'm close on the number). I would assume that there will be at least several thousand armed security forces and barriers erected per square mile surrounding the capitol to control the crowds of people trying to occupy the space around the capitol on the 6th. You've heard of the million man march ? Impressive yes, but I doubt that is enough to worry the establishment. I have and will refer to the majority of the current GOP and RNC as weak kneed and spineless, but in truth it is probably more accurate to use terms like calculating, conniving, or disingenuous all of which are aggressive, willful, and selfish traits. A good, easy to remember, pithy, apropos chant would be 'four more years'

If that 'don't impress them much', what would ? Just a guess, I'd say at least 3 to 4 million (about 30% more than the size of our combined armed forces). Is that a lot ? Yeah, that's a lot. Everyone should take notice that if you can get a group of 3 million ordinary American citizens to decide that it is necessary to personally come from across the country to peacefully see to it that their elected officials honor their oath to their constituents and the Constitution by electing Donald Trump president, that should congress fail to do so, those same 3 million people and probably at least another 70 million will realize that they no longer have any use for those same elected officials.

How many groups of people are going to be there ? I certainly don't know, but I can guess that those who are likely funded to be there that day (antifa, blm, and any other professional protesters) are going to be plentiful.

OK, I'm Drinkin' your Kool-Aide, how do we actually do this ? I haven't looked to see if I can find a 'beginners guide to' or protesting '101 for dummies' yet, so you'll need to figure this out yourself. Dine in restaurants will be closed. You might not be able to get a hotel room anywhere close. Once you set out for the day, you'll need to be prepared to deal with having to pee every couple of hours and that there might not be anywhere private to do it when you do, and ..., yeah that's gonna be a problem too if you can't hold it or get stuck. Empty bottles and an opaque trash bag to cover your junk might help keep the ground dry for the people next to you and maybe keep you from being arrested. An opaque poncho to cover a squat is the best I can think of for the gals stuck in place. In order to be as close to the capitol building as possible before the voting occurs, you or your group will probably need to be present in the general area and pre-staged to cross the Potomac river or other approaches by dawn to be able to reach the vicinity of the capitol for prime position. Be aware that antifa and blm are veterans at provoking chaos and are highly organized and prepared for this event. Together they will likely have many thousands willing to actively disrupt any organized assembly. That is best mitigated by massive numbers. Like a well written chain letter, spread this as far and wide as you can and make contact with your neighbors. Last chance. DC cops have been shown that they will actively try to divert smaller groups towards blm, don't trust them, they have earned it, if you get arrested, don't resist, but if you can survive the 'handling' you can consider being dead weight to show your appreciation. Stay tight if you can and help and defend each other if required. Once moving toward the capitol, I doubt that it can be coordinated if the numbers are there, but we would ideally want to have a circulating stream of people going as close to the capitol building as possible and, whether it can be surrounded or not, establishing some depth to the position and then circulating the people from the front to be replaced by those coming from behind so that over 2 to 3 hours no one gets stuck where they can't relieve themselves and recirculate back again. I believe the mall is the natural staging area, but we'll have to play it by ear on the day. So a backpack with water, food, medicine, a poncho for rain/snow/sleet, first aide supplies, flashlight, phone, battery phone charger, thermal underwear and clothes to survive freezing temps, mental preparation for a long day or more out in elements. You may have to lose a member of your group to deal with the vehicle you travel in. The driver can try to drop you off as close as possible and if the vehicle is stuck stay with and protect it or leave the area and try to find a temporary parking space until your group calls them to try to meet for the closest pickup. Subway and taxis ? Maybe it is a solution for you, but how many others have the same idea and remember that the locals are going to be using them too.

Over in a few hours ? No idea, depends on the numbers. Network with anyone willing to join up.

Chaos erupts ? It's possible, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

The establishment calls our bluff ? Maybe the crowd decides to stick around to make sure that the congress stays to see and hear their displeasure.

One last time: BE THERE.

Isn't it pretty cold there in January ? Last I heard, yes.

What if it is raining or snowing or sleeting ? I seem to recall reading that there were once some bloody footprints left on the side of the Delaware river.

I really don't have any more time to 'do something' than you do, so in addition to putting this website together as a resource I am going to do exactly what I am suggesting you do: Contact each of my neighbors that live on my street and offer to communicate with them ASAP. I will also do the same for the four adjacent streets that surround mine. The intention is to have those streets organize themselves and elect a redundant number of members to be liaisons for their group and likely those adjacent to them. I will provide each with a letter (you may need to hand deliver yours if you choose to make contact in this way because of the time constraint). If it is not raining you might be able to save a few bucks and a day or two of time if you wedge your letter between your neighbors mailbox and pickup flag. At this time there really won't be time to address or discuss much more than trying to accommodate any fellow patriot willing to travel to and be in DC by the 6th. However you should lay the ground work for discussing future preparations as a local group regardless of what happens on January the 6th or the 20th.

So just the Capitol building right ? For now it needs to be the primary focus, those surrounding GA may want to consider supporting and coordinating with anyone in Georgia that they can identify. You should offer to help attempt to guarantee large numbers outside of the contested precinct polling places in order to ensure that meaningful access by poll watchers is guaranteed, although smaller numbers of voters in the rest of the state should also plan on massing around their local polling places for safe measure.

So you're going coordinate all this right ? Nope it's up to you, this site is my contribution, do with it as you will, while you still can. No, there may be some organization that inherently forms if enough groups define themselves and communicate with each other before the 6th. Look I don't know if 10 people will even see this site before the 6th. Hopefully there will be millions. It is up to you to be a super spreader. Friends, family, email address book, all social media, and most importantly each of your neighbors.

But I don't know or like one or more of my neighbors, what should I do ? Well if you see an antifa or blm flag flying outside their home and you don't want your house burned down while you are in DC, maybe give them a pass, and if you haven't already, you and your neighbors are going to have to take stock of one another. Otherwise look or post here for the next nearest neighbor to connect with.

I live in Alaska or Hawaii, what can I do ? It's your Constitution too, come if you feel you should and are able. I certainly understand that anyone in your two states has to plan way ahead and spend a lot of money to get to Washington DC, instead of spending the money on a plane ticket or gas (if you can even travel through Canada at this point) maybe look at throwing a few bucks at someone posting here that is trying to make the trip to DC from the west.

I believe there was election interference and would like to do something about it but I am basically a pacifist ? OK, seriously good for you. Like everyone else who has found their way here, I'm glad that you can identify that there are currently people in positions of power and authority that swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and have failed in or chosen not to uphold their sworn duty to do so. Throughout the history of human civilization mostly through circumstance or lack of resources (although sometimes by deliberate choice), resisting oppression of innate freedoms and rights such as those described in the declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Constitution can be effectively addressed over a period of time through deliberate peaceful civil disobedience or protest. There are endless examples of peaceful protest that just about anyone can participate in. I'll list three here off the top of my head:

If Biden is inaugurated on the 20th, I'll probably go back just to jeer him during the ceremony (chanting: il-le-git-ti-mate-shame-on-you-resign). After that, organize and maintain as large of a group as possible on a rotating schedule to picket the buildings of the three branches of government with signs and bullhorns such as 'Illegitimate President', or 'Oath Breakers', 'Shame on you' or thousands of more creative and clever messages. 999 protesters divided by 3 buildings serving one twelve hour day a year would require 364,635 people to commit to serving one day a year. At 'least' 70 million Americans voted for Trump, maybe the Trump hotel property near the White House can house 999 guests a day at a discounted rate; Submit a petition for writ of certiorari to the supreme court by mail every day until the last day in office of the seven justices who refused to grant certiorari to Texas and Trump. While you will be considered as having no standing because you are not appealing a case, wouldn't it be great if they had to deal with a 70 million letters a day just to find the legitimate ones ? OK, you might not be able to just mail in the petition but why can't we send millions of individual letters to the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and all the other three letter agencies that have gone rogue, Congress, the White House and any other state or local entity that violated our rights. While it costs a lot more, how about sending them certified mail and requiring a signature (enjoy that USPS). Hey, in the movie Miracle on 34th Street it proved to the court that Santa Clause was real. When the USPS runs out of stamps volunteer to collect from your neighborhood group and manually mail each letter at your local post office counter. This something even your kids can do;

For those of you in a contested election states, organize statewide to pack every single city council meeting in the contested precincts and have every volunteer alternate saying the words 'oath breaker' and 'shame on you' every second of the entire meeting, have enough people willing to be asked to leave or arrested for trespass and go limp requiring LEO to carry them out of the chamber never stop saying 'oath breaker' and 'shame on you' until you are released from custody. Split your group as necessary to make sure anyone arrested and jailed is supported. Ask for officer complaint forms for every officer participating, record and post everything you can. Keep it up until they resign or go crazy. shame them, record it and let the rest of the world see. Being effective is all about organized numbers taking some action or peacefully interfering with the normal operation of government. There are only so many people they can jail, detain, or process through court for misdemeanors at a time and every meeting has to have a public access portion. See, tip of the iceberg, but you've got to start by organizing and committing to some action;

Work out a schedule to tie up every phone line in Washington DC and the contested election states or precincts as deserving. The reality though is that you will have to organize and commit to outlast the resources of the government. Basically anything to legally interfere with the normal operation of government might find wide support.

Militia, militia, militia. Triggered ? Unfortunately, the word evokes a stereotypical image of some angry disaffected wannabe sovereign citizens patrolling around the border of their compound in camouflage fatigues with guns at the ready. The only legal militias that exist are of course the individual state and national guard units that exist today, I think there are a few maritime related militias too. So why zipcodemilitia ? Because the word is evocative. Simple as that. Like the Tea Party there is no organization or leader here, just a web site that can enable like-minded groups to identify and communicate with one another.

Why is this site a .com Top Level Domain and not a .org ? It was $2 cheaper to register and there are still some people that get annoyed at having to remember anything other than a .com suffix.

Could someone or group appropriate or be labeled with the name ? Yep, the left could decide to make it one of their top despised words like 'conservative'. A group of caroling grannies could also adopt it. I control the domain name but have not trademarked the name. Antifa, blm, drug dealers or anyone else could also potentially use it for their own nefarious purposes or use it to infiltrate, subvert, harass or DOX people and groups. If the site goes viral I would be more than happy for someone else with more time or capabilities to administer and host the site on a dedicated or cloud based server. Although just about any 3rd party hosting service can easily be pressured claim a violation of Terms Of Service and cancel the hosting service on their platform. Otherwise, all they have to is ask.

Anything else ? I'll edit this page after I get back from DC. While suggestions could be mailed to the admin email, I really don't have much time to deal with much, so you are welcome to send a message, just don't expect a reply or action unless I deem it important enough to address. I'll give moderator privileges as appropriate (by zip code or state). And I'll only deal with that if the site takes off obviously.

The direct and immediate action that actual voters in the Nov 3rd contested polling precincts could could take is to voluntarily submit signed affidavits to a trusted secure location where the documents are under 24/7 security and observation (including live video streaming if necessary) by groups of volunteer GOP voters (perhaps at an existing local RNC election building) signifying the candidate(s) they voted for (including down ballots) (especially for GA senate race). If enough are submitted (they can be counted and tallied as they are submitted) they can be verified against the existing election voter rolls, then the instant the number received and verified is greater than the number 'certified' by the local election officials the proof of fraud is pretty clearly established. No court order, no forensic audit, no access to suspect envelopes or ballots, no permission from authority, no action or involvement from spineless elected or appointed officials under any government branch on any level required. Regardless, it goes without saying that this is exactly what everyone who cares about the just administration and preservation of our republic should be demanding or expecting to be delivered by these same officials. Trump and any other supporting voices could certainly call for voters in the contested polling precincts to voluntarily submit these documents in person or through (preferably) registered mail. Also all concerned voters whether registered GOP or other should be asked to volunteer to canvas the voter rolls for voluntary submissions. A customized form should be designed and distributed for each of the contested polling precincts that can be used by those submitting the form as an affidavit to easily and consistently mark and identify any GOP candidates they voted for on Nov 3 and provide a signature and date. One other step that would ensure that these documents are admissible in court should that be deemed necessary, would be to encourage that any document be notarized or witnessed to the standard that most absentee ballots would require. Perhaps a voluntary fund could be set up to help anyone needing assistance to defray the cost of the notary seal for each document. While this option does not directly account for voters who should not be on the precinct roles dead or otherwise, it does present the opportunity for every voter in the disputed polling precincts to form their own coalitions fully supported by the rest of the nation's now disenfranchised voters.

Look I hate to have to point this out and in NO way am I encouraging or endorsing this, but if Trump is not elected on the 6th, it should be apparent that every official from the local board of elections to the disputed state's and federal house and senate members to 7 of the 9 on the supreme court, have just signed their names to a hit list. And yes, I mean to say that someone may think that literally and not just figuratively. Let's say Trump is elected. For all of his impressive accomplishments to date, operating almost alone in heavily occupied enemy territory, he will still need us to remake the the Republican party from the ground up. There needs to be a grass-roots effort on a personal level to whip each other into shape and over the finish line to reconstitute the GOP at a minimum in order to start to ensure that the swamp can be drained in order to preserve the republic for at least another couple of generations. Have you asked yourself the sobering question of what the actual punishment should be for a person who breaks their oath to the Constitution. Is it to be considered treason at any level of service ? Should there be different levels to the severity of punishment for the crime ?

What else could happen in the two weeks between the 6th and the 20th ? Well it's really hard to imagine that there could be a quick revolution. What could that look like ? I imagine that if enough people in enough locations pretty quickly started removing elected officials who have not upheld their oath, that a reset of government automatically occurs. What do you mean by 'remove'. Well I imagine that could be anything from nicely asking for a resignation to the old school 'tar and feather' measure to arrest and incarceration to the most unthinkable option that results in a death. Will it happen ? No. The number of people's passions required for that to happen are not high enough yet. The powers that be know that they have to boil the country like a proverbial frog to consolidate their power. Incrementally they will use all the tactics necessary to accomplish their goal as they have successfully done to date.

So you ARE just trying to get everyone to form militias and overthrow the government. <pause for long long sigh>

Civil rights lawyer John H. Bryan coined the term 'freedom is scary', seems pretty appropriate.

As you start to network with your neighbors, what I provide here should be a quick starting point that provides a few options for action to consider. When you communicate with one another you can be a bit more productive with your time as you try to figure out how to organize yourselves and connect with other groups. What is this equivalent to ? Yes, a micro sized town hall or auxiliary group, or just like any other group you have ever belonged to. You must organize yourselves.

No individual participant in a group is a soldier, no group assembling is a part of a national militia, select militia or standing army. Should any group of individuals decide to assemble as such, they alone are responsible for their actions. Information, ideas and discussions are offered here for any individual's or group's consideration.

ALWAYS be prepared to record your encounters as a group if possible. Starting to record an incident midpoint or in the aftermath, while still potentially useful, is more likely a missed opportunity to provide at least one unbiased viewpoint of any event. Considerations for video recording with cell phones, go pros etc. when in a group: hands free is best but how do you do that ? Semi pros either wear a chest harness to hold their device or attach the camera to a helmet or hat. Holding your cell phone in one or two hands reduces your potential resources for self defense. I have found that I can operate my cell phone's video recorder while in my shirt pocket as the camera lens protrudes over the pocket allowing chest level point of view, however this does not work as well when a jacket or overcoat obstructs the camera. Video recording duration is obviously determined by available free memory and battery life and quality by the selected recording resolution and operator experience. Rotation of recording duties among group members should be practiced. Uneventful recordings can always be deleted. Most cell phones also allow live streaming to major social media platforms and provide redundant storage of recorded video. They do however rely on a good cellular data link being available and are subject to the whims of the platform administrator for their use. There is no requirement to own or wield any weapon to gather or potentially participate in any future joint activity, if nothing else you will at least have considered a contingency plan. I you are seen or arrested for some reason with a gun, like most gun owners, be prepared to be labeled along the lines of being a blood thirsty yahoo.

Again, the first priority is to get to Washington DC. After that, decide as a group who is willing to do what and with whom, when, and where. The next fundamental concern should be establishing contingencies (redundancy) for communications. At first it will probably as easy as deciding to share phone numbers, emails, and existing social media connections, but as soon as those are recognized as effective tools for enabling dissension, you will need to have a contingency plan if they are compromised. Please note that there may be a huge need for time-sensitive (real-time) communications. Cell phones for voice and text may generally fit the bill but this is where being prepared for the worst warrants at least a little thought for contingency or redundancy. HAM and GMRS two-way radio 'walkie-talkies' might be a worthy long term investment.

OK here's a big one. Are you willing to die for your country ? Everyone who is or has served in the military is or was. If you haven't asked yourself this yet in your life, now might be a time to at least acknowledge that it may be in your future to answer. I could go deep here, but I'll leave it at that. I include this comment because if you are going to be comprehensive in what you might be willing to discuss with your neighbors, it is a fundamental question that was certainly asked and answered in the American Revolution and Civil War, and while there is no requirement for anyone to discuss or answer it, please be advised it is probably on many peoples mind. It's the 21st century and we're so much more civilized and peaceful than in previous centuries ... I assume that anyone reading this that does not contact their neighbors might believe that too. Again, no one is or should be calling for violence of any kind here. But it is usually one seemingly small event that causes a tipping point to be crossed outside your sphere of influence that dictates the world the rest of us will live in.

If Biden is elected, there is eventually going to be a noticeable test of fealty (loyalty) to the powers that be for every one. Currently there is no litigated proof that Biden was or was not legally elected. Sure the certifications are considered legal, but requested litigation was not allowed. So the paradox is that the instant he is sworn in everything he and Kamala do is both legal and potentially illegal at the same time. Every interaction with congress or the military, executive order, intelligence briefing, foreign affair, or turkey pardon are all legal and potentially illegal at the same time. If Biden is illegitimate, everyone who chooses to perform their function in government while he and Kamila exist in office also negate the legitimacy of the entire federal government. Serving in the military including state and national guard ? If the CIC is illegitimate, are you upholding your oath to the constitution if you obey his commands. If you are ordered to put down a rebellion by Biden, do you really have a Constitutional duty to potentially take the life of a citizen ? Remember congress has the ultimate responsibility for allowing this constitutional crisis to develop and failed in their duty to ensure a free and fair election. ATF, are you gong to take our guns ? OK, I see you have started with the polymer 80 BBS kits without the need for any prompting at all. DA's, sheriffs and mayors picking and choosing what laws are enforced and on whom, what a country we live in.

Got friends or family in the military, law enforcement, elected office, or government employee ? You might want to give them a heads up on the issue of the test. If the SHTF, a lot of them could become clearly marked targets if they are perceived to be on the wrong side of an issue. Maybe have a contingency plan to resign, quit or form an alliance to protect themselves and their families.

So if the federal government is illegitimate should I send them any of my money for taxes to seem to say I owe ? Well, remember that most people's 'money' is in electronic form in an account of some sort. So unless you make it exist as paper federal reserve notes, digital currency, or something of physical value, it is really just a number that can easily be made smaller by a three letter federal agency. But don't worry your money is backed by the 'Full Faith and Credit of the'... What was that about illegitimacy ? Don't worry the Federal Reserve is going to create it's own 'digital currency', you're gonna love it, you'll never have to touch another disease spreading note or coin again. And we've heard of this great new software system that will let your Chinese Overload... I mean new government agency help us determine how much of a social credit score factor to apply to your currency. So instead of having to touch, feel, hold, or trade any of those old federal reserve tokens, we'll let you know what your currency is worth when you are ready to spend it.

Oh, please, please, please, just one more before I have to go to bed. OK, but you have to go right to sleep after, OK ?

Thank God that most of the nations state legislatures have a tyrant that they submit to who protects their constituents from themselves with a piece of cloth. Hey buddy, can you spare a constitutional right ? Do you have a deeply held belief that you should be able to determine for yourself as to when and if you obstruct your ability to breathe, or what you do or don't adorn yourself with ? Well, how do you like your newly established state mandated religious attire ? What were some of those words we used to live by again ? Oh yeah, do you mean, 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof' ? Nah, don't worry, nobody pays any attention to that old saying anymore.

So I no longer have the right to equal protection not to be discriminated against for my deeply held beliefs and practices under the 14th amendment ? What are you talking about , do you think you're a lawyer or something ? I mean I just thought I had the right to conduct business with a person or merchant of my choice where they are operating a place of public accommodation ... Well only 'essential' businesses can conduct business these days ... So isn't every business owner's business essential to themselves and their employees ? No, they aren't allowed to determine that, they have to be gifted the privilege to conduct business by a tyrant because their elected representatives in their state's house and senate don't want to be held responsible for making a decision ... So as near as I can tell an essential business needs to have a sign at the entrance requiring that any person entering the facility must demonstrate their devotion to the newly established state religion by obscuring their face with a cloth to signal their virtue and moral superiority to one another by relinquishing their individual identities right ? Uuuummm ... covid, it's to stop the spread of covid.

Stop it, or flatten the curve ? Well the science, the science says we need to lock down and social distance and wear a mask or Gramma and Grampa will die ... So what is the science that requires a state of emergency and extraordinary measures exactly ? Well we have a legal precedent that was established not that long ago that tells us the answer can be found based on the axiom that it depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. So is covid-19 (2019 WHO) or more precisely, SARS-CoV-2, deadly ? Absolutely, for some it is. What is the number of people who have died from covid 19 ? There was a recent survey that asked the American public what they thought that number was and the answer was about 30 million. That's a lot isn't it ? Yep, about 1/10th of the population. So what does 'the science' tell us the number of covid deaths is ? Well if 'the science' of the CDC requires death certificates to list covid 19 as the primary cause of death for any person dying only of, tested with, or suspected of having covid 19, then about 340,000 souls to date. So if a person dies with even an untested suspicion that they had covid when they die, then that is required to be named as the primary cause of death ? Well it lets 'the science' support the number doesn't it, what's your problem. So I have heard that this method of reporting a primary cause of death has never been used before, and that the use of the clinical term 'case' traditionally required a patient to exhibit symptoms or have testing verify the presence of disease, and that antibody tests and PCR testing have no verifiable accuracy rating, and that if you are under the age of 70 that you have a more than 99 percent chance of recovering from the symptoms of the virus, and because of these factors it seems as though we can't very readily compare it's impact on the nations health compared to other documented epidemic events in past years that did not trigger a similar state of emergency right ? Look, over there, a squirrel !!! (Vince Coakley)

I 'll tell you what. While you are thinking about that, I'm just going to pop on down to the store real quick to pick up a few items. I'll take a video while I'm there to record what happens.

OK, press record and go. Alright, shopping cart - check. Bread isle - check. Ah yes, moon pies - check. OK candy isle - check. Where are you, where are you ..., dang - no Zagnut bars, I can't ever seem to find a Zagnut bar in the candy isle. Oh well, snack isle - check. pork rinds, pork rinds ... sir, Sir, SIR ... Are you talking to me ? You have to wear a mask ... What's that, I can't quite make out what you saying ... Sir you have to wear a mask or I'll have to ask you to leave ... OK, are you the manager in charge of this store ? No sir ... OK, would you let the manager in charge know that I would like him to speak with me directly ... Alright sir I'll ask him to speak with you ... Salt and vinegar, spicy buffalo, barbecue ...

Sir, you'll have to wear a mask or I'll have to ask you to leave ... Hello, may I have your name please sir? <name given> OK, I'll leave if you really want me to, but I would first like you to clarify that the reason you are asking me to leave is because I have declined your offer to cover my face with a piece of cloth in order to shop in the store ... Yes, our store policy requires that all of our patrons wear a face mask while in the store as long as it doesn't have one of those offensive slogans like 'This mask is as useless as our governor' on it ... Ok, but do you realize that as this store is a place of public accommodation that you would be guilty of discrimination for denying my civil right to freely exorcise my deeply held belief established by the first amendment to the Constitution ? No, our store policy is to follow the Governors mask mandate ... You do realize that a constitutional right supersedes all laws, executive orders, ordinances and policies, don't you ? You have heard of laws being deemed unconstitutional, haven't you ? Sir, this is private property, I am asking you to leave ...

What seems to be the problem here ? Oh, hello officer, I didn't see you coming up behind me. Could I have your name and badge number please ? <name and badge number given> Are you here to protect my Constitutional rights or violate them officer <name> ? <officer scowls> Are you the manager here sir ? Yes, I've asked this person to leave, and so far has refused to do so ... Hold on there, I told you that I would leave if you asked me, but now that the officer is here, I need to confirm whether or not he is also going to violate my rights by illegally enabling you to violate my first amendment right to freely exorcise my deeply held beliefs in a place of public accommodation by also asking me to leave ...

Sir you have been asked to leave, if you are refusing to do so, I will place you under arrest for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace for causing all the other patrons to feel threatened by your refusal to wear a mask ... OK, I'm leaving, but now that you have been informed that you are assisting in violating my civil rights, that you no longer have a claim to qualified immunity. Keep walking ... Now I'm curious, and just have to ask, you are going to throw away all the items I have handled and close the store to completely sanitize the contamination I have caused right ? KEEP WALKING ... How about if I had come in here coughing and wheezing with full blown covid, but was wearing a mask, would you have asked me to leave ? 'Shame on you for endangering my health' ... 'Anti-mask Nazi' ... 'Just wear the damned mask' ... Keep walking, do not respond. You need to leave the premises, you need to get in your vehicle and leave the premises ... Yeah, whatever I'll see you both in court ...

<car door closes> How much would it cost me to sue in civil court I wonder ? Can I even get into the courthouse without wearing a mask or will I end up getting a Judge holding me in contempt and spend 10 days in solitary like that Blind Justice Guy on YouTube ...

Well you may not be wrong about everything, do you think you're a lawyer or something ?

(I love Peggy Hall)

As noted philosopher Yakov Smirnoff once said: 'What a country !'

Fair elections, free from foreign and outside interference, are pivotal to the survival of our republic, which exists based on the consent of the governed. If our elections cannot be trusted, the republic will no longer enjoy the consent of the governed. I intend to freely discuss any and all topics with any person I so choose in abstract terms. Should you choose to do likewise, be deliberate and cautious. Last reminder. Contact your neighbors. Get to DC on the 6th.

Thank you for your consideration fellow citizens !

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor,
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?

p.s. For all the Ayn Rand fans out there let's make zipcodemilitia the next 'who is John Gault'.

Boilerplate invitation / contact letter - Copy / paste / modify as needed

8.5x11 .75" TBLR border 14 point 1 page 2 sided printing

Fold the letter by 1/3 it's length twice and once by half of it's width in order to hang it over your neighbor's mailbox pickup flag. I don't think it is legal to place anything inside a mailbox, but as annoying as it is to most, I don't think it is illegal to hang a piece of paper over the mailbox pick-up flag. Once you have contacted the neighbors on your street, consider randomly distributing this letter to other neighborhoods, minus your personal contact information as shown below, in your vicinity. I hate to be stereo-typical, but if you want to identify those most likely willing to organize, you might want to look for homes displaying an American flag or a nativity scene display. If you are placing the letters from the driver's side of your vehicle and basically driving on the wrong side of the road, please be careful, use your hazard lights or at least your left turn signal. Always check your blind spot and for on-coming traffic or pedestrians before pulling away from the mailbox. We need as many people as possible to spread the word as far and wide as possible ASAP. DO IT !! Thanks.

Dear Neighbor,

Fair elections, free from foreign and outside interference, are pivotal to the survival of our republic, which exists based on the consent of the governed. If our elections cannot be trusted, the republic will no longer enjoy the consent of the governed.

Are we in a constitutional crisis ? Have you decided what changes in governance would cause you to no longer give your consent to be governed ? Whatever your current mindset on that question, our current elected representative government has allowed our current state of affairs to cause this question to be contemplated more seriously by a majority of the American people than ever before in our lifetimes. There are but a relative handful of our representatives that will even publicly express an opinion on the matter. With fractured unity and lack of leadership and purpose, the congress may elect an illegitimate president and establish a precedent that will end the free and fair elections on which our current form of government relies to maintain the faith and consent of the governed. That being said, regardless of your personal political views or party affiliation, I am contacting you to for two purposes. The first being the most time critical. I plan to travel to Washington DC on January the 6th in order to be as close to the capitol building as possible when congress convenes to count the electoral votes and declare the results of the presidential election. While there are likely many groups attempting to organize similar travel, I have not found any that appear viable enough at this time to guarantee my arrival and purpose. So what I am doing with this invitation is what I hope is being quickly duplicated across the country. And that is to make certain that congress sees and hears that their constituents are willing to organize and assemble in a massive number to ensure their collective will is served before the voting begins. I intend to be peaceful, but resolutely seen and heard. So if you are of like mind and would like to potentially make plans to travel together or need or can offer assistance to that end for those wishing to participate, please contact me or each other by phone or email ASAP with the information I have provided below. The second purpose is to at least lay a framework for possibly discussing and determining whether we neighbors as a whole or in part would like to act in concert to achieve any shared goals that we may be able to identify and formalize. Again while we all have our own unique political views and party preferences we may find that we all have a shared interest such as protecting each others property or dealing with an exigent circumstance that may arise from governmental instability. Again I am referring to meeting to assess and hear from one another as a primary group and potentially attempt to contact and coordinate with other groups nearby with common interests to form an infrastructure to ensure those larger shared interests are realized. To that end there is a website that can be utilized as a touchstone to post group formation announcements to aid in contacting other groups or being contacted and gauging the effectiveness of this method of organization. Please read the 'Start Here' topic before posting your street name or replying to the initial post to indicate the general number of participating members. To explore a few possibilities that may establish some common ground prior to contacting one another and perhaps aiding in forming realistic plans of action for the January 6th event and others for your group, please spend some time reading the many topic ideas presented in the 'Some Things To Consider' thread. The website address is http://www.zipcodemilitia.com Don't be alarmed by the militia part of the name, this is clearly explained on the site. If you believe that this site and this method of grass-roots organization would be beneficial to promote to others please share this information as quickly and broadly as possible (social media, direct contact, email , radio talk shows, etc.). This letter minus the personal contact information below is also available at the bottom of the 'Some Things To Consider' thread. It can be used 'as is' or copied and modified as desired by any one wishing to organize their neighbors using this method.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,


Street Address

city, state, zip

phone number(s) () do you accept text messages ?

contact email address

Useful links:






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  Forum Purpose And Guidelines
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This forum is only intended as a mechanism to facilitate private or public gatherings of people wanting to discuss the protection, preservation and defense of their Constitutional rights on a neighborhood level and as a nationally available platform for any citizen to utilize and for NO other purpose. Please do NOT post ANY thoughts, opinions, messages, or reply to any posts containing them on this forum. Any thread subject should contain no more than a street, building, or neighborhood name. The body of any message should only contain the bare minimum amount of contact information for those in your immediate vicinity to contact or find you (i.e. 'Margaret 1pm Sat. mailbox w/red, white, or blue balloon), (i.e. fakename@gmail.com), (i.e. burner phone: 555-555-1212). The reason for this is explained in further detail below. Please list a range of street numbers if you want to limit your contact to a specific segment of addresses on a given street.

How to use the forum:

To use the forum click on the state and zip code you are interested in from the main page. Enter the name of the street or neighborhood you are looking for in the 'Search this Forum:' input field near the top right of the sub-forum page. Once more than a few street or neighborhood name threads have been posted in any zip code this will likely be the only practical means of finding out whether anyone near you has made a post. If you wish to use the forum 'Post Thread' option to enter the name of your street or neighborhood, you will first need to register as a user on the forum. You will be able to post immediately after registering. Unregistered browsers can view and search the forum but can not post.

If you see that your street name has been posted, view the contact information and make contact. If you decide to actually do anything at all at that point, please come back and reply to your street name's post with a single word, its up to you but 'involved' might be a reasonably good choice. By looking at the reply totals versus thread views, visitors and administrators can minimally gauge people's involvement.

Practical limitations of this forum:

The forum site is currently being hosted on a low cost shared server and if the forum is eventually utilized by a enough users simultaneously it may inherently slow to a crawl. Eventually enough people will become aware of this forum and inevitably some will not be able to resist trying to use it to promote personal agendas beyond the very limited intended scope of a nationally available website to be used for facilitating local group contact. There are over 43,000 zip code forums on this site. The amount of time that can be devoted to the administration of this site by me is going to be almost non-existent. While there may be some possibility of enough moderators volunteering their time to police the sub-forums, you as a user have the responsibility to self-regulate your use and experience here. Be prepared to possibly see everything NOT intended to be posted. The best advice would be to only search for your desired street names or known organization's names and totally ignore all other posts. While you can click on the 'Report' button for a particular post, depending on the resources available to deal with removing it or banning the user, you may have to risk being offended by it to use the site. Again, please do NOT post ANY thoughts, opinions, messages, or reply to any posts containing them on this forum. Any thread subject should contain no more than a street, building, or neighborhood name. The body of any message should only contain the bare minimum amount of contact information for those in your immediate vicinity to contact or find you. Please consider reading the next forum 'Some Things To Consider' which may contain information you consider useful. The post contains information that is only intended as one example of an un-comprehensive collection of information to use as a starting point to make initial contact with your neighbors. Please do NOT post any variation of or any content at all in any forum threads. Only use your own resources (website, social media, email, etc.) outside of this forum to discuss or disseminate ANY information.

Anyone with the resources, who is willing to offer to host this forum on a dedicated server or has a back-bone connection to the internet that can't easily be bought or intimidated by a tech giant or is able to help administrate this site in a significant and meaningful way please attempt to contact me @ admin@zipcodemilitia.com

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  Oregon Road
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Theme park 1:00pm 12-19-20

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  Meeting Street 4024 - 5099
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PM me for details

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